What We Do 


Organization of forums such as Farmer Co-operative Societies, Milk Federation, Mandals and Association of women, youth and workers with a view to undertaking collective activities for socio-economic development.

To provide all types of agricultural loan facilities to the farmers at the lowest price right of interest on the Promote direction, suggestion and advice by the Govt. policy and schemes in the interest of farmers.

Helping comprehensive Medical Care facilities to the Farmers families.

Aims providing Educational Assistance to their children.

  1. Create enabling environment to ensure equal opportunities, equality and social justice.
  1. Providing training & development skill relating to agriculture.
  1. Aims to ensure that Govt. aims and schemes (State & central) available to the farmers.
  1. Educational facilities for their children along with hostel facility.
  1. Helping farmers to manage through and recover from drought (drought assistance).
  1. Agricultural price support for the Farmers. (Providing best price for their cultivation)
  1. Helping Farmers free from the debts & reducing farmers self-immolation (suicides).
  1. To release the encroached land by the land mafia / unknown persons by knowingly or un-knowingly by negotiating with the state / central Govt. concerned authorities and handover the land/s to the concerned Farmers.
  1. To support, co-operate, encourage and participate in the water resources, rivers joining for the purpose of drinking, cultivation and irrigation purpose by protesting, Dharana by fasting in peace full manner.
  1. To provide and supply of good quality fertilizers to the Farmers, food grains to the cows, calf, buffaloes, Oxes, cattles at reasonable and discount rate.

  1. Institute of Basic and Vocational Educated farmers and their families, organize education and vocational training programme with special focus for deprive, handicapped sections, women/girl and unemployed youth to provide new skills, refine/ sharpen/ upgrade the existing skills leading to employment, self employment and income generation.
  1. To follow, adopt & promote Universal Declaration of Human Rights of United Nations and Indian constitution & national- Interstate law.
  1. To spread awareness about Protection of Environments, agricultural activities and its products and Population Control.
  1. To Promote/ Solve cause of Health care, Food problem, Housing/ Police harassments / Shelter problems & Humanitarian Relief / Refugees / Indigenous people problems.
  1. To help Disabled, Children, Youth, AIDS patients, Ageing people, Drug Addicts, and HIV Victims and also suffering from other severe disease.
  1. To promote Welfare of farmers, Labour Union Rights & Economics & Social Development.
  1. To promote & educate Equality, as well as Equity, Interstate Integration, Brotherhood, Non violence, Love, Peace, discipline, Justice , Protection & Promotion of Human Rights for all.
  1. To organize Conferences, Summits, Seminars, Meetings, Discussions, Shows, agriculture tour trips etc.
  1. To provide legal aid and advice for the indigent and weaker sections of the society and to share global health and global population change.
  1. To suggest action for violation of rights by armed political groups and terrorists.
  1. To Create an environment as well as an understanding that Human Rights can easily become vulnerable to abuse of various structures and processes of power and to examine the inter dependence of and linkage between Human Rights and democracy, pluralism, development. Ecological balance, peace and harmonyat the state and interstate levels.